Sony custodian refutes suicide reports

Sony Sugar keeper John Waw is doing just fine and not at all trying to take his own life as recent posts on social media as well as several tabloids have been reporting.

A week ago a post on the former Chemelil Sugar shot stopper’s Facebook handle, revealed that he had taken up to 400 tablets trying to put an end to his life. The post went on to reveal that Waw had been hospitalized at the Mama Lucy Hospital.

He has however refuted the claims in another post, revealing that his social media account had been hacked and all efforts to retrieve it had been futile.

Can someone swallow 400 tablets and still be alive? Some journalists though, I respect you but this you went too far. You should do your research well rather than relying on hearsays and facebook posts that are baseless. Why should I take my life???Can I stoop that low?????Don’t take everything people post to be real, some of us have fun here and some accounts get hacked. As a journalist call the person to inquire more rather than running on an empty and baseless story. I REFUTE ALL THESE CLAIMS…Hope you take my point positively. Thanks