Congo relinquishes 2020 AWCON hosting rights

The designated 2020 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON) hosts Congo have announced they are no longer able to host the continental showpiece.

The country was awarded the tournament’s hosting right in September of 2018 but have opted to relinquish the favor due to foreseen financial constraints.

In a letter to CAF, the country’s Sports minister Hugues Ngoelondele explained the country’s situation and reasons behind the decision.

Financial tension

“We gave our agreement in principle for the organization of the 2020 African Women Cup of Nations,” the letter read.

“This agreement was given without knowledge of the related specifications.

“Also, after examination of costs and the specifications, the Republic of Congo realized that in the context of ongoing financial tensions the country finds itself in currently, it is unable to organize the event.

“The Republic of Congo and its government are sorry for this situation and would like to express their sincere consideration to Caf President.”

No comment

CAF hasn’t commented on the development and possible plans to name a new host with the finals slated to kick off in 2020 Monday 23 November to Tuesday 1 December.