Hosts SoNy Sugar nowhere to be seen as Leopards are barred from accessing Awendo

The match pitting SoNy Sugar FC at home to AFC Leopards failed to kick-off as planned for 1 pm after AFC Leopards were barred from accessing the match venue- and the hosts, completely missing.

Earlier in the day, the sugar millers ahd also skipped attending the pre-match rituals and Leopards showed up at noon for kick-off all the same. A source indicates to Soka that even the match officials of the day could not access the match venue.

”SoNy are nowhere to be seen,” he says. ”Leopards were barred from entering the stadium and the match officials too could not get in,”

It is alleged that the sugar millers’ tough financial times in the league are the cause of their not wanting to host a match as they claim they are hard hit by the financial bug. They have played twice at home-losing both and winning once on the road.

Last season, the second leg of this tie which was also scheduled for the Awendo Green Stadium, was postponed twice, first dur to heavy rains and second due to the failure by the home team to provide an ambulance as is customary.

The two will await word from the league manager as to what happens next.