FKF Polls: Eligibility requirements for office of President

It is now official, in under two months there will be a Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Special General Meeting (SGM), with the specific agenda being the election of office bearers on a fresh four-year mandate.

At the 7th FKF Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at a Nairobi hotel on Saturday 5 October, it was passed that within 60 days the electoral board should have delivered the road map to the polls and ahead of the elections, we take a look at the qualifications for the various posts.

For a start, we focus on the topmost position, that of the President of the federation, currently occupied by Nick Mwendwa, and already attracting interest from far and wide, including (albeit unofficially) from the man Mwendwa replaced – Sam Nyamweya, and former Vihiga County Governor, Moses Akaranga.

18 years

The candidates for this position are required by the electoral code, to have attained the age of 18 years. The candidate should also have been an active participant in football in the country in three of the past four years.

Involved in football

Involvement in football is confined to having been in the game as a National Executive Committee member, FKF Committee member, referee, assistant referee, coach, trainer, in charge of technical, medical or administrative matters at FKF, league or club, or as a player.

Declaration of support

To be cleared to vie for the position of President, candidates have to get at least nine endorsements, otherwise described as declarations.

These declarations will come from at least one of the current FKF branches in five of the existing 20 branches, making it five endorsements.

Declarations shall also come from at least one Kenyan Premier League (KPL) club, one National Super League (NSL) club, one National Division One club, one Women Premier League club or one Women’s Division One League club, making it a minimum of four more declarations.

Eligibility of declarations

Endorsement passes as support for the particular candidate; a member or club can only register support for a single candidate in the position of President, and Vice President.

The candidate shall present a declaration signed by the branch chair and secretary, and by the endorsing club’s chairman. If a member presents more than one declaration of support for any of the positions of President and Vice President, none of the endorsements will be deemed valid.


Each candidate has to present a set of documents to the electoral board for clearance.

These are, a valid Kenyan identification card or Passport, a Certificate of Good Conduct that is not more than six months old, Clearance Letter from the Credit Reference Bureau, Clearance Certificate from the Higher Education Loans Board, an acknowledgement document from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission and a valid Tax Compliance Certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Running mate

Each candidate for the President’s position must present a running mate for the position of Vice President, and the running mate has to fulfill the conditions as for the President’s position stated.

A Presidential candidate’s application shall not be admitted if the running mate’s documents do not meet the above conditions.

Fees to pay

For the successful consideration and nomination for the position of President and Vice President, each of the two candidates shall pay a non-refundable fee of Kshs 400,000, thus a joint payment of Kshs 800,000 for the two members forming a team for the President and Vice President.