FKF POLLS: NEC aspirants present their nomination papers

The 2019 FKF elections, Electoral Board was busy at work on Tuesday 22 October at their Goal Project offices as aspirants intending to vie for the FKF National Executive Committee (NEC) presented their nomination papers.

All NEC aspirants as well as the Woman Representative aspirants submitted their credentials ahead of the elections that have been set for December 7th.

Current NEC incumbents Chris Amimo of Nairobi and Mohammed Mulla of North Eastern, did not present their papers as they had conveyed earlier in the month that they will not be contesting the elections.

Nominations period

The nominations period begun last week with aspirants seeking county seats, the first to present their credentials. Aspirants seeking FKF’s presidency will submit their papers on Wednesday with President Nick Mwendwa already having confirmed that he will throw his hat in the ring and contest a second term.

The Electoral Board will then have a three-day window, from Thursday to Saturday, where they will hear disputes arising from the final nomination lists of all elective posts.

A similar procedure will be adhered to when the official list of voters is revealed on November 11.

County elections will be held on Saturday 23 November, two weeks before the presidential elections are conducted.