Mwendwa reiterates World Cup dream as he makes official bid for second term

Despite a number of candidates expressing interest in vying for the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Presidency in the coming national elections, only the incumbent, Nick Mwendwa made an official bid on the set date, Wednesday 23 October.

Mwendwa, who has been in charge at the federation for the past three years and seven months, was flanked by his deputy, Doris Petra at Goal Project, as he presented his papers to the Electoral Board.

World Cup

He thereafter addressed journalists, reiterating his dream to see to it that Kenya gets to play at the topmost stage in world football – the FIFA World Cup.

In seeking his second term, having unsat Sam Nyamweya in the last polls, Mwendwa said his office had done much to lift football standards from a state of near collapse three years ago. He however admitted that a lot still needs to be done.

“We have managed to take Kenyan football from ICU and given it life and that is why today it is a national conversation. I can’t deny that a lot still needs to be done, in terms of cooperation with sponsors, development and more.

“Our target remains to go to the World Cup, in 2022 or 2026, We have very young boys in FKF Centers of Excellence and we are targeting to use them for such. This is a very big investment on our part,” he said.


Mwendwa further touched on challenges encountered in his first term, top of which he said was a massive debt left by the former regime led by Nyamweya. He is hoping these can be dealt with perfectly when he gets a second term.

“One big issue we have had to deal with is the huge debt of over 300m Kshs we found here. Despite that, we have stayed strong and focused and we have managed to run the federation.

“Now going into the second term, this is what we will be looking to clear finally, and continue moving forward,” he noted.


Earlier on, former Vihiga County Governor Moses Akaranga, Sam Nyamweya, and Lordvick Aduda had shown interest in vying for the President’s position.

The FKF elections have been slated for December 7, by the Electoral Board’s timelines.