Nandwa blames Wazito loss on officiating, promises better defending against Mathare United

Sony Sugar FC head coach James Nandwa has blasted the match officials in his team’s 3-4 loss to Wazito FC on Saturday 2 November, blaming it for a larger part of the loss.

Nandwa was particularly irked by the fourth goal, scored by former Sony man, Derrick Otanga, terming it a clear offside as he called on better refereeing.

Sony Sugar twice clawed their way back from behind and when they thought they were headed for at least a point from the clash, Otanga scored the decisive goal, which Nandwa feels shouldn’t have stood.

Clear offside

“We played well but I have issues with the officiating we witnessed in the game. I don’t mind losing but when we lose, it has to be in a fair way. Their fourth goal was a clear offside one and should not have been allowed. We honestly can do better than this,” he said.

Nonetheless, Nandwa acknowledged that they had other off field issues that affected them going to the game and heading to the next clash, when they host Mathare United, he called for a better output in defence.

Off field issues

“Off field issues also contributed to the loss. We traveled on the night before the match and had not trained well for the match. In a week we could only train thrice together. We didn’t warm up well and that is why we were a bit shaky at the start, then the issue about officiating didn’t help.

“Against Mathare United in the next game, we will have to work on better defending, and to fix the midfield as well. I don’t think we have a lot of problems in attack because we are scoring goals,” he noted.

Defensive woes

Meanwhile, his counterpart at Wazito, Melis Medo, acknowledged that conceding three goals indicated that they still have a lot to do to solidify the defensive department.

“Individually, Wazito have very good players, but as a group we have tonnes of work to do. Defensively we had some miscommunication.

“(Johnstone) Omurwa, Lloyd (Wahome) and the keeper didn’t communicate well, and it has been happening a lot lately,” he said.