Mwendwa meets with Parliamentary Committee, calls-out PS Kaberia for FKF’s financial frustrations

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa has on Tuesday 5 November met with the Parliamentary Departmental Committee for Sports, Culture and Tourism where he pointed the finger at the PS in the Ministry of Sports, Amb Kirimi Kaberia, for the financial struggles that the federation is going through.

FKF has been on the spotlight since the conclusion of this year’s AFCON finals where claims of misappropriation of funds intended for both the men’s and women’s national teams have been labelled against it.

Tag of war

The situation has led to a tag of war between the Federation and the Ministry which has threatened to derail preparations for Harambee Stars and Starlets for their respective international assignments scheduled for later on this month.

And as he met with the policy makers at Parliament buildings, Mwendwa brought to light the frustrations that FKF has been subjected to by Kaberia.

He said, “Where the story of not accounting for or refusing to account for our monies is coming from I do not know because I have with me here files which we submitted to the Ministry on August 8th and so we have no problem in accounting for our monies, we have never had that problem,” Mwendwa explained.

“It is only last week when we made noise about a lack of funds for Starlets is when we were told that the reason we were not receiving the money is because we had not accounted for the Kshs. 244m that was given to us by government for the AFCON tournament.

Returns submitted

“But that is not true because within 15 days after the tournament ended, we submitted all returns to the Ministry and I have brought a copy of that with me here. That is also not the end because when we did that we were not responded too in four months.

“But I want to say this, if the funds administrator Amb Kaberia wanted to do the job, if he was equal to the task, if he was forthright in telling us what was wrong then we would not be going through this.

“We believe that if he is ready to equally respond and send the money approved to the federation or if he is ready to say “no we can’t fund you because of this and this so let’s rectify” then I know we will not have this problem.

“This problem is occasioned by an office that does not want to get the job done I want to be very clear and that office is that of the PS and so we are requesting for your help not only to play now but to solve this problem in the future,” a visibly upset Mwendwa concluded.


Kajiado West MP Hon George Sunkuyia, who is a member in the committee, sympathized with Mwendwa as well as the other sports federations that have pointed at PS Kaberia for their struggles and proposed for the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Auditor General to start looking at the Ministry of Sports and specifically the office of the PS.

“There are a lot of frustrations, an outcry in the sports industry because of performances of the PS to be very specific. This is a very serious case…this is an area that the EACC should take into consideration now and start visiting the Ministry of Sports to check on what is going on there because there is a lot of mess,” he said.