Migori Youth chair toasts to NSL Betika deal

The Betika sponsorship for the National Super League (NSL) will be a massive boost towards the operation of clubs in the second tier, Migori Youth chairman Abdi Aziz notes.

On Tuesday 12 November, Football Kenya Federation (FKF) unveiled the deal with the betting company worth Kshs 30m a season for three seasons. In the pact, clubs will each get Kshs 750,000 a season, released in two tranches.

Big boost

While the amounts do not completely cater for the operations of these clubs, Aziz acknowledges that it is a big boost, terming it just the first step towards brighter days.

With a big chunk of it set to pay match officials, a burden earlier placed on clubs, Aziz says a big load has been taken off their backs.

“It is a big thing for us as NSL and this will signal massive progress in the league. One, we now do not have to worry about the referees’ charges and we are thankful for this even as we go on to seek other avenues.

“As a team, we were struggling financially but still performing well so this adds the impetus. It motivates the players and while also easing the burden on clubs ,” he told Soka.

Grass root initiatives

In the deal, Betika is also going to support a number of grass root initiatives across the 47 counties and having been involved in football at the lowest stage, Aziz knows just how big a potential this holds.

“I think grass root football will also benefit a lot because that is where football starts from. Betika coming down there gives hope to that talented boy who didn’t have equipment or thought he wouldn’t get to be spotted so once again it is a good win,” he added.

In the pact, the remaining Kshs 15 million will aid in running costs at the federation level, as stated by the FKF President Nick Mwendwa.