FKF Polls: Confident Mwendwa rules out appeal, new electoral process begins

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) will not appeal the ruling by the Sports Disputes Tribunal nullifying the FKF elections that had already started at the County level, with the national elections having been set for Saturday 7 December.

On Tuesday 3 December, the Tribunal ruled that the federation, and the electoral board, had not done enough to engage stakeholders over the process, while it raised questions over the composition of the board as well.

New process

In a rejoinder on Saturday 7 December, FKF President Mwendwa noted that while they do not agree with the ruling of the Tribunal, chaired by Dr. John Ohaga, he said they will respect it and commence a new electioneering process.

“We have issues with the ruling; it was not the best and it was not for the interest of the real football stakeholders in the country. Nonetheless, we met as the National Executive Commitee and we have decided that we will restart the process,” he said.

The federation chief noted that public participation will start right away, with a new electoral set to be released in the course of Saturday 7 December and member participation at the county level set to last a month.

Amends to the code

“We have made amends to the code, and shall release it today to all our 20 branches for member participation.

“The code will come back to us on January 8, 2020. We shall then hold a Special General Meeting to pass the code and board which will henceforth be mandated with calling for fresh elections,” he added.

The Tribunal directed also that the current office stays put to oversee the fresh polls. The mandate for the current FKF office is legally set to end on February 11 2020. However, with the commencement of a new process, there is a possibility that date will be surpassed, which should not be an issue, as far as the election process starts beforehand.

Further, with the developments over the week regarding the election, Mwendwa acknowledges that they have no intention at all to overstay without a fresh mandate.