FKF relaxes financial requirements on aspirants in new electoral code

The Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has officially restarted the electioneering process after the nullification of the County elections and subsequent stopping of National and Sun County polls by the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) on Tuesday 3 December.

On Saturday 7 December, the federation issued a new publication of the Electoral Code, set to guide the process after the tribunal ruled that it had not allowed time for stakeholder participation while also faulting the composition of the Electoral Board.

Nomination fees

In the new code, the federation has relaxed the charges required as payment in line with the declaration of candidatures for the president and deputy president’s position, to Kshs 300,000, down from the initial Kshs 400,000.

Also, members seeking to vie for the National Executive Committee (NEC) positions, will now part with Kshs 75,000 as non refundable nomination fees, down from Kshs 100,000.

For any elective position at County Level other than the Chairperson and running mate, candidates will part with Kshs 5,000, down from Kshs 10,000. Those vying for the Chairperson and running mate’s position will have to pay a nomination fee of Kshs 10,000.

For any position at the sub county level, the aspirants will pay a nomination fee of Kshs 5,000.

Flat rate on appeals 

The new code also places a flat rate payment for appeals at Kshs 100,000. With the new code, the pinch will be felt more at the Sub County level with the initial cost having been Kshs 50,000.

Earlier, appeals in disputes touching on County elections would have attracted a fee of Kshs 100,000, while that for the NEC positions was Kshs 150,000, then 200,000 for the presidential aspirants.

The new dates of the elections, and the composition of the Electoral Board to handle the polls will be decided on at the football body’s Special General Meeting (SGM) on January 8 after a month-long public participation process.