FKF Branch officials dismiss normalization committee proposition

All the 20 Football Kenya Federation (FKF) branch officials have in solidarity stood against suggestions to form a normalization committee, insisting there is no crisis to warrant such a move.

The branches pointed out that the current office has managed to create stability and resorting to a normalization committee will reverse all the gains realised in the last four years.

FKF Nairobi West Branch Secretary Caleb Malweyi said: “From experience, a normalization committee is only put in place when there is a crisis when everything has fallen apart and that is not the case in Kenya.”

Eligibility criteria

He also hit out at those who are against the eligibility criteria in the FKF Electoral Code pointing out that it is nothing new.

“It is a normal thing to have eligibility criteria for those contesting in any post. This was there in the last elections and so it is nothing new.”

The same sentiments were echoed by FKF Southern Branch chairman Antony Makau who expressed reservations at the Sports Disputes Tribunal’s ruling that called for the formation of a normalization committee.

No wrangles

“In its ruling, the SDT found FKF had followed its directives from the nullification of the first election. The question of eligibility should not warrant the formation of such a committee.”

“The fact is we have had no wrangles and we should therefore be left to go on with running football in the country.”

Nyanza West chairman Maurice Ogweno also dismissed those calling for the normalization committee, saying they are not real stakeholders.

“We have not reached that level yet. The last time we had such a committee it was because we had parallel federations. Those who want the committee lost in the last elections and are looking for a way to come back,” he said.

Made better

North East North chairman Nasir Ali on his part pointed out that the work done in the last four years has made local football better and the current officials need to be given a fresh mandate.

“Let us be allowed to finish the electoral process instead of putting in place a normalization committee. It takes us back to where we were a few years back and it was not a good place.”

Nyanza South secretary pointed out that players, referees and coaches will suffer if we put in place a normalization committee. “As it stands, football is being run by real stakeholders. If you put in place a committee, you bring strangers to manage the sport and they will not care about our referees, players and coaches.”

Other chairmen

Branch Chairmen who supported this position include Michael Majua (FKF Nairobi East), Eric Makokha (North Western), Yobes Onkanga (Nyanza South), Kenneth Rutto (Central Rift), Gordon Davies Chege (Aberdares Branch), Bernard Lagat (North Rift Branch), Moses Akali (Western Branch), Gabriel Mghendi (South Coast Branch), Fuad Ali (North Coast Branch), Abdullahi Salat (North East South Branch), and David Bunei (South Rift Branch).