Covid-19: FKF seeks to cushion clubs and players

Football, like most other sectors have for over a month now been paralysed, as the world seeks solutions to fight the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Kenya’s situation is not different and Football Kenya Federation (FKF) is now taking steps to help cushion its members from the vagaries of the pandemic.

In a communiqué to media houses on Tuesday 21 April, the federation called on clubs featuring in the Kenyan Premier League, Women Premier League, National Super League, and men and women’s Division One Leagues to furnish it with lists of their 30 members as it explores the options available to assist.

Officials and players

The federation noted that the list should include five officials and 25 players, as advised by the Ministry of sports, which the federation approached for the same.

While the call may have been misunderstood to mean there are funds and other forms of assistance to be distributed, the FKF President Nick Mwendwa has come out to clarify that the matter is still at the discussion stage with various stakeholders.

“Football has taken a big hit from this Covid-19 issue; players are not training, sponsors are not operational, there’s no football at all in our fields, some of which have now been converted to hospitals.

“As a result, FKF is talking to various partners including the government, FIFA, sponsors on how we can help our stakeholders, like players coaches, full time referees and more.

Trying as much as possible

“The number is big and resources scarce but we are still trying as much as we can and that is why we have sent out communication that we need government assistance. It is not like we have gotten any, and this is what I want to bring out clearly,” he said in a message sent out on Wednesday 22 April.

While calling for clubs to furnish it with the updated contacts of players and officials, Mwendwa assured that in case of any assistance, the distribution will be fair, be it monetary or otherwise.

“We are fighting to get this help but at the moment we want to have the information so that when we get anything, be it monetary or in form of goods donated we will need to have contacts to be able to reach them.

“We do not have their database at the moment and that is why this information is crucial. We will be methodical in distributing whatever we get,” he added.

No football 

Kenya reported its first case of the coronavirus on Friday 13 March, and two days later, the country literally shut down, with no football activity on the field since. A number of clubs have not been in a position to pay salaries to their staff and matters are bound to get even harder, with the KPL having earlier communicated an indefinite suspension of the country’s top flight.