FKF Polls: Minor hitches in Busia, Turkana but all proceeds peacefully

The 2019 Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Elections at the County level have so far go well, the Electoral Board Chairman Prof. Edwin Wamukoya has confirmed, hours after the process started on Saturday 23 November.

The only areas that the board experienced issues, he has revealed, were in Busia and Turkana Counties. In Busia, he said some voters were unavailable but were reached and confirmed they won’t take part.

Weather Challenge

As for Turkana, there was no voting as the necessary materials could not get there in time, owing to the heavy rains pounding the region.

“We had some challenges in Busia with two people whose names were in the register to vote failing to show up, but they confirmed they won’t vote and the process went on.

“In Turkana we also had a challenge because of the landslide there and the ballot papers were not delivered. We have arranged for them to vote tomorrow; the ballot papers will be flown there in the morning,” Wamukoya noted.

All peaceful

The elections are set to be conducted in 18 Counties as all the rest had members ascend unopposed. Wamukoya confirmed all has been peaceful.

“We have had no issues in Kirinyanga, Laikipia, Bungoma, Kisii, Nyamira and Mombasa, where the elections have concluded. As far as we are concerned the whole thing has been peaceful,” he noted.

The height of the process will be the official announcement of the results at the national office of the Electoral Board. However, Wamukoya revealed that the respective County results will be announced at the tallying point before being relayed to the secretariat.

Tallying and announcement

“The tallying point is the announcing point and once announced the rsults are sent to the secretariat where we will also announce. The results announced at the county will not change when they come to the headquarters,” he assured.

The County elections are just the first of the three- tier polls. After this, the board will conduct the National Elections then the Sub County Elections.