Fight in the field not court, Nyamweya urged

It is now official; Sam Nyamweya is seeking to return to the leadership of the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) after presiding over a dark period during his reign that came to an end in February 2016.

In his new bid however, he is not winning too many admirers, at least not Trans Nzoia Branch chairman Francis Mayakula.

Nyamweya is the second to make official the interest to run for the president’s seat, after Nick Mwendwa’s declaration earlier on and while Mayakula terms his decision fair and welcome for the sake of competition, he is not too inspired by Nyamweya’s methods.

So far, and prior to his declaration of interest, Nyamweya had opted for courts to wage his battle against the current regime. To some extent, he had his way as twice, the elections were canceled by the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT).


“According to me, the fact that Nyamweya has decided to campaign for FKF president seat is a good decision since there will be competition that will be well deserved unlike how he hadn’t come to vie for the seat.” he told Soka.

However, Mayakula urges Nyamweya to remember that in football the game is played in the field and not in court so he should avoid taking football matters to court and instead face his challengers in the laid down procedure.

Good choice

“It’s a good thing that Nyamweya has come forward and he shouldn’t be afraid to state his intentions, he should, however, know that football is played on the ground and not the court,

“This also goes to others who want to go for the presidency, they should come forward and when elections are declared they will all fight for the seat as men and the winner will be declared rightfully, unlike going to court every time,” he concluded.


As contestants put their houses in order, it is not yet clear the fate of the elections with FIFA set to tour Kenya on a mediation trip to sort a number of outstanding issues that led to the nullification of the elections twice.